GetTechGo Dotted Back Case Cover Compatible with Apple iPhone PRO Series Heat Dessipitation | Camera Protection | Logo View | ShockProof

Save Rs. 500

Style: iPhone 11 PRO
Color: Black
Rs. 999 Rs. 1,499

GetTechGo Present’s Heat Dissipation Mesh Logo View Case Cover for iPhone. With a unique cutting process, the cutout fits the phone model exactly. Thickened raised edges around the lens, no need to worry about scratching the lens. Provides maximum protection against scratches, chips and dirt build-up; easy on and off to prevent scratches, dirt build-up; ultra-durable and stylish portable case for your phone's needs. With flexible protective material and a slim look, the heat dissipating Mesh case cover provides a comfortable feel for the iPhone. This case is perfect for hot summer days and won't sweat or leave fingerprints. The back of the case is made of PC material and the metal frame around the lens is durable, drop resistant and fade resistant for long term use.

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